Personal Development Overview

We believe every young person can succeed and we devote ourselves to improving student achievement, through high quality teaching and student support. Our young people are challenged to achieve through high expectations within a "you can do it culture". We aim at all times to build aspiration, to inspire and to motivate our students so they have the opportunity for greater choice in life.

The personal development of students at Edgar Wood Academy is central to our mission. Our Personal Development Programme aims to:

  • Develop students’ confidence and character, so that they can create opportunities for themselves.
  • Equip students with the skills to make the most of opportunities that they encounter, and to fully realise their potential.
  • Broaden their horizons and expose them to new ideas, so that they are well informed and can embrace change.
  • Empower students with regards to society, careers and relationships, so that they know their rights and what they are entitled to.

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Our careers programme vision

Our students are ambitious, and are well equipped with the knowledge and skills to realise their own aspirations. They weigh up their choices carefully, making well informed decisions that lead them towards the future that they have chosen.


We will achieve this vision if our students meet the following outcomes:

  • Students are not limited by their background, and believe that hard work will be the biggest driver of their success, not where they come from.
  • Students can articulate their aspirations and how they intend to realise them.
  • Year 11 students move on to a post-16 course which suits them and is in line with their aspirations.
  • Students understand the purpose of CVs, interviews and job applications from a variety of perspectives. They know what strong applications look like, have written their own CV and had interview practice.
  • Students can articulate the wide variety of pathways available to them at post-16 and post-18, and can evaluate each pathway according to its suitability for them.
  • Students understand the nature of the job market, that certain sectors are growing and others shrinking, and have considered what they want from a job.
  • Students understand how their learning across the curriculum links to their future, including pathway possibilities and skills.
  • Students have participated in a wide variety of enrichment activities and feel able to tackle new activities outside their existing areas of expertise.
  • Students have had direct experience of the workplace and understand the variety of norms found in workplaces with regards to professionalism, relationships and skills.


We will measure the impact of our careers programme through:

  • Regular evaluative student feedback via student surveys (min. annually).
  • Baseline and endpoint assessment questions as part of student surveys, related to recently studied content and content soon to be studied.
  • Planned assessment tasks in content taught through PSHE. Students are not assigned grades; the assessment is used purely to measure our impact.
  • Collecting and analysing students’ intended and final destinations at post-16 and beyond.
  • Establishing an alumni network to track students’ destinations beyond Y11 and provide future students with role models.

Further Information

For further information, please contact the Careers Leader: Becky Worth, Assistant Headteacher Telephone: 0161 6769626.

Our full Careers Plan can be found here. Please also see the Careers Policy on our website. Our Provider Access Policy can also be found on our website.


As part of our commitment to a broad and balanced curriculum, enrichment is a central part of a student’s experience at Edgar Wood Academy. All students are expected to participate in a minimum of two different activities each week, and can choose from the wide range of activities available. We encourage students to not only develop existing skills, but to also try new things which will allow them to see their abilities in a new light. Students are enrolled in the Children’s University through Rochdale Sixth Form College, allowing them to collect points for enrichment activities inside and outside of school.