Professional Development

All roles at the school will be published on this website and advertised in national, local and specialist media as appropriate. If you are interested in working with us at the Edgar Wood Academy, please contact us.

Professional development for senior and middle leaders

The key to ensuring longevity and capacity within the Trust is strong succession planning and to achieve this we will support and nurture headteachers, aspiring headteachers and middle leaders across the Trust through coaching and by giving regular access to continuing professional development opportunities that have an impact.

The Trust understands that all headteachers and senior leaders require both challenge and support in enacting their vision for a world-class education in their academies. Our headteacher, senior and middle leaders are the people who drive school improvement within the school, ensuring all students achieve their academic potential and progress to a successful career, life and employment path of their choice. They are champions for social equity, working to improve student aspiration and enabling social mobility. We would expect that all our headteachers and senior leaders have qualifications at NPQH and Masters level. As part of a wider link to national school and college networks, we will also facilitate visits to pioneer schools throughout the country who are securing outstanding outcomes and transforming the lives of their students.

We will expect that middle and senior leaders also become part of the authority Subject Leaders of Education (SLE) programme, leading subject specific networks and impacting on staff and students beyond Edgar Wood Academy. In order to ensure effective succession planning, leaders will identify staff with the potential for leadership positions. As part of the performance management process, opportunities for enhanced management and leadership responsibilities will be provided.

Leadership at all levels

The Trust also believes in leadership at all levels and promotes healthy debate and innovation throughout its academies. The Trust will dedicate significant resources to professional development in order to recognise and retain our most effective teachers and staff. There will be frequent in-house CPD, as well as access to high-quality courses through the REAL Trust and organisations such as the National College. There will be both formal and informal mentoring and coaching programmes in place for staff, so that professional development is targeted and relevant to their training needs. All staff will be expected to continually strive for improvement by furthering their own professional development and becoming fully involved in the wider opportunities offered in the academy and throughout the Trust. Significant support for teachers in the early stages of their career will focus on securing and developing their teaching practice and wider skill set. Through its links with local, regional and national partners, the Trust has an extensive CPD programme in place for teachers from entry level through to senior leadership training. Support staff are required to undertake statutory training for specific roles, and they are also encouraged to undertake training to enhance their efficiency at work and for their own personal development.